Since 2009 I have adopted the alter-ego “Mourrka” a Russian gangster cat deejay. I play mainly a genre of music called “blatnyak” “chanson” or “zhestokiy romans (cruel romance)” - which I love. It’s very emotional and often tragic and cheerful at once, growing out of Odessan Jewish underground culture, it’s considered very lowbrow and mainly popular among criminals and taxi drivers. Mourrka is the most popular Russian pet name for female cats (and incidentally the name of both my cats- Mourrka and Mourrka II) but it can also be a woman’s name, and as such is the title of one of the most popular songs of this genre, about a girl who gets shot for snitching a criminal gang. Thus I have combined my love of cats and criminal music (and get away with it in bars and parties across London and Moscow)!

Mourrka began life as an ordinary street cat in Odessa... She got involved with a criminal gang at an early age, despite her mother's warnings. It was fine until she got ruined, she fell in love with a KGB agent - he broke her heart. She was forced to emigrate in the 40s. Leaving Odessa with only a bag of records and a pistol tucked into her stocking. She travelled the world on board a cruise liner, entertaining guests with her bittersweet story and playing the tunes of her youth. Eventually she settled in London as the most appropriate habitat for a middle-aged stray of some ambition. Besides, she was keen to meet the foxes.


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